Sustainability in Space: A New Frontier




Thursday, September 28 – Thursday, September 28, 2023


Space is recognized as a fundamental resource for making our life on Earth more sustainable. Think about satellites for Earth observation, telecommunications, and navigation applications, which enable increasingly precise monitoring and control, as well as communication in remote areas or in disaster scenarios that are difficult to reach with ground infrastructure. Space is also a technological frontier developed for hostile environments, and we now talk about space tourism, resource extraction, and human settlements on the Moon and eventually Mars. Additionally, we are witnessing a growing number of small satellites launched by a diverse range of non-traditional actors such as universities, private companies, research centers, and nations without a heritage in the space industry. In just a few years, we have transitioned from government-dominated space usage to a scenario where private and commercial entities play a larger role, leading to an increase in the number of launches and satellites in orbit. The exponential growth in the number of satellites in orbit can lead to environmental degradation in the low Earth orbit -LEO- region and an increase in space debris. Preserving space is therefore necessary to ensure the continuity of services that are vital for sustainable development on Earth. For this reason, we need to consider new missions with a "sustainability by design" approach, facilitating cooperation among different satellites and constellations to enable the reuse of systems already in orbit for new missions. Furthermore, the rapid evolution of the industry has been relatively unregulated, making it increasingly crucial to establish a regulatory framework to ensure the sustainability of new missions in technological, economic, and operational terms. In this context, the Women in AFCEA Committee of AFCEA Chapter Rome aims to promote an initiative focused on the sustainability of space. The event titled "Sustainability in Space: A New Frontier" aims to explore various aspects of space sustainability, from space situation awareness to technological implications and regulatory aspects. It will bring together female scientists and managers working in the space sector to emphasize that sustainability also involves inclusion, especially in an industry where the presence of women in STEM fields is growing.


Via del Policlinico 1 - Aula Magna Macroarea di Ingegneria, Universita Tor Vergata Rome, Italy


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Sustainability in Space: A New Frontier

Via del Policlinico 1 - Aula Magna Macroarea di Ingegneria, Universita Tor Vergata Rome, Italy

09: 00 AM – 02: 00 PM

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