Animatsuri - An Anime Festival




Sunday, September 17 – Sunday, September 17, 2023


An Anime Festival to bring everyone together for the love of anime. For one day, under one roof, come join us as we celebrate everything about our love for our unique culture, as we put together an event consisting of Japanese and anime-themed art stalls, food corners, cosplay contests, photoshoots, Japanese culture workshops, anime workshops, music singalongs, Japanese board games, and an array of other contests, games, and photo-shoot gatherings, turning our love into a celebration that lasts throughout the day. A gathering, if you will. A festival where just liking anime is good enough to make you fit right in. In collaboration with Chennai Anime Club, Otaku Nadu, Anime Nadu, and Otaku Monkeys, we present to you: ANIMATSURI Come join us as we make a home for anime in our city. Come join us, as we celebrate ourselves. RULES: 1. Please make sure that you have your digital ticket, or a copy of it on your phone for entry. 2. Basic modicum of decency and general courteous and polite behaviour is expected of all the attendees. Any attendees that either mentally or physically cause any distress, discomfort, or issue to any of the other attendees, including any comment on their orientation, gender, etc. will be immediately removed by event security without any refund. 3. This is a 16+ event only. If required, the staff may, at any point, request an age verification ID if they feel that you might be underage. 4. Pets are not permitted. Exceptions will be made for service animals. 5. Please ensure that there is no littering at the venue. There will be separate containers present for compostable and recyclable material and we would request that you maintain the same conduct towards trash disposal. 6. Firearms, knives, and any other material deemed hazardous will not be permitted at the venue. The organizers retain the right to make such a decision on any material brought to the venue by attendees. Please refer to Cosplay Summit rules for specifications on cosplay accessories and apparel. 7. Attendees are generally expected to respond to any intimation or contact from the organizers at the venue. 8. In case of any emergency situation, please contact one of the organizers, and follow their instructions to resolve the issue. 9. In case of any injury or medical need, there will be a first aid booth present. Please refer anyone in need of assistance to the organizers, instead of handling it yourself, unless extremely necessary. 10. Smoking, drinking, and illicit substances of any kind are not permitted within the venue. Any attendee found to be using any of the above will be immediately removed from the venue without refund. 11. Attendees will be required to refrain from any activity that might be deemed explicit or illicit.


Primrose 131, No 131, Luz Church Rd, Bhaskarapuram, Mylapore, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600004, India


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Animatsuri - An Anime Festival

Primrose 131, No 131, Luz Church Rd, Bhaskarapuram, Mylapore, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600004, India

10: 00 AM – 09: 00 PM

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